About me

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It was actually on a turning point in my young life that I decided that it was time to buy that camera I had been thinking for a long time. At that moment, I was taking pictures of everything. But some of my friends were musicians so ended up in concert photography. It took me years to figure out what I wanted to do with my photography.

Concerts taught me to observe, to work in difficult lighting conditions, to anticipate the right moment to press the shutter and to be very quick! I was happy with the results, but something was missing - the personal contact with the subject. So I started shooting more and more portraits, weddings or family shoots. After a wedding, it always feels like I made new friends.. In fact, some of my best friends were my clients one day!

Of course the concerts were not a waste of time, I have been happily applying the learned skills on weddings or family shoots.

So, on a wedding, I’m not just after the typical glamour shots, but also the small things in between, like kids running around, preferable if they are funny. I also chase a good photo, regardless if it is a wedding. All for the love of photography - a good picture!

Over the years, I have also developed my passion for film photography, which has been influencing my digital work as well. All my personal stuff is shot on film. I would prefer to shoot weddings on film, but the digital clickily click is so comfortable... And film does have a price tag. As I like to be in full control of the process, I develop and scan my negatives myself. Years of improving that workflow have made my workspace really efficient…

I’m really critical of myself to improve my end result, so I invest a lot in workshops to learn from the best and get extra inspiration.

Talking about inspiration, since I became a dad, I got very interested in family photos. Don’t ask me to show a picture of my daughter, or I will be swiping to show them all and you will regret you even asked hehe.

Now I’ve opened up to you in hopes I am taking step smaller to working with you!