I bought my first camera in 2006 and enjoyed capturing the small moments in life, like a grasshopper on a painter’s easel. I do not want to bore you (maybe just a little) but I remember a lazy Sunday, I spotted a fly on the wall and tried to frame it right but every time I wanted to make the click, the fly searched for a better spot. When I finally found the right angel and the fly was ready for the photoshoot of it’s life… my battery was dead already. I don’t know why I just told you this story 🙂
Anyway: I decided to sign up for photography classes and there I got bitten by the analog film bug. The teacher learned me how to print the negatives in the darkroom, while all the other students were arguing about the printing queue. It was clear to me that I made the right choice.

Since then I became very intrigued to film camera’s. It also forces you to think twice before making the click. My first camera was a Yashica Mat 124G, still my favourite camera. Nowadays it’s already a shameful collection, I even made a sport of it to buy film camera’s for my girlfriend’s birthdays. I’m still not confident enough to shoot everything on film, but that’s why I make the choice: personal work on film, weddings & other assignments digital. On a wedding I can’t resist to catch something on film also, to be able to make a darkroom print afterwards.
During the years I noticed photojournalism is what I like: to be the fly on the wall that makes pictures 😉
If you’ve read the info till here, you must be very interested, which is good! Very good … a big thank you!