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Portret Santi

Portrait Santi

Finally I had the chance again to work with some instant film, positive paper and negative film.

Analoog 4x5 persoonlijk werk

Old stuff

When I was organising my archive I stumbled upon some older photos, when I was on a trip with a friend. I thought it was worth to bring them up again!

Workshop Jan & Ryan

Workshop Jan & Ryan

I had the opportunity to do a workshop with not just 1 but two heroes of photography, Jan Scholz and Ryan Muirhead.

Ilford positief portret

Ilford Positive portraits

Been experimenting with the ilford positive paper.

Spring in Hallerbos

A scheduled this little trip from some time ago and so far it was the best day of the year I think. At the same time it was a good moment to test out my new camera again: mamiya 645 AFD. This is relaxing 🙂


I thought it was a good idea to bring my Graflex Speed Graphic to this trip to Budapest. It is modified for using the Aero Ektar lens which delivers the creamy bokeh pictures. It is certainly approved!